Brewers, Maltsters, and Dreamers. It's Who We Are.

Intelligent Malt is made up of committed industry professionals and talented individuals who know malting and brewing. We strive to provide the best malting equipment and services to allow you to change the industry. We take great pride in working with our customers to find the solutions that work for them.

The Beginning

Intelligent Malt was born out the desire of a brewer to better connect to his supply chain. This craft brewery owner wanted to work more closely with local barley growers and build a malt house to service his brewery. He realized that there was a lack of equipment to service his needs and this led him to conclude that the growing craft malting market needed more equipment opportunities. He assembled a team of maltsters, brewers, and engineers to build Intelligent Malt to meet this need.

The Intelligent Malting Unit

  • The IMU is a purpose-built malting unit with 5-ton input capacity.
  • Integrate up to three IMU's into one optimized system run from a single furnace.
  • IMUs utilize cloud-based proprietary software to build recipes, schedule batches, and provide real-time feedback.
  • The IMU's flexible design allows for both malting and sprouting a wide variety of grains.
  • Separated steep design allows for quicker batch turns and more production output.
  • Patent pending internal agitation mechanism gently moves through the grain bed during germination.
  • Underfloor unload auger expels finished product out of the germination-kilning vessel.
  • 100% FSMA compliant design and components.
  • 100% high quality stainless steel used for all components.